Creatify Agency

Case Study: Restaurant Branding Design


Medallion Steak Restaurant recaptures the flavor of the open campfire. Steaks, chicken and seafood, chargrilled to perfection. Complete with breads, soups, and desserts, made from scratch daily. This is based on Berlin, Germany. The restaurant was established for several years and prides itself on its premium cuts of meat, impeccable service, and sophisticated atmosphere. However, the restaurant’s branding design was outdated and in need of a revamp to better reflect the upscale dining experience they offered.


The objectives of the rebranding project were to:

  • Create a new visual identity that accurately reflects the upscale dining experience offered by Medallion Steak Restaurant.
  • Increase traffic to the restaurant’s website and attract new customers.
  • Build on the restaurant’s online design reputation as a premium steakhouse.


Creatify Agency was brought on to lead the branding and website design for Medallion Steak Restaurant. The first step was to conduct a thorough analysis of the restaurant’s target audience, competitors, and brand positioning. Based on this research, the following solutions were implemented:

  • A new color palette of deep reds, golden & rich blacks was chosen to evoke the warmth and richness of a steak dinner.
  • A new custom logo featuring an elegant medallion symbol was designed to reflect the premium nature of the restaurant.
  • The stationary was completely redesigned with a modern layout, focusing on showcasing mouth-watering food photography and highlighting key information such as the menu, location, and hours of operation.
  • A series of print materials, including business cards, menus, and table tents, were created to be used in-house.


The rebranding was a success for Medallion Steak Restaurant. The new branding accurately reflects the upscale dining experience offered by the restaurant and has been well-received by customers. The website has seen an increase in traffic and the restaurant has received positive feedback on the new branding. The restaurant is now better placed to attract new customers and build on its reputation as a premium steakhouse. The print materials created by Creatify Agency has helped to create a cohesive and sophisticated visual identity throughout the restaurant.