Creatify Agency

Case Study: Clothing Line Logo Design


Barrière is a Street Wear clothing line based in Netherland. They sell a range of street and skater clothes available in their store. Made from high-quality material, these clothes show the latest trends in skate wear and streetwear in Netherland. The company was in need of a new logo that would accurately reflect the brand’s identity and appeal to its target audience.


The main objective of the project was to design a logo that would effectively convey the brand’s message and aesthetic. The logo needed to be modern, sleek, and reflect the street wear culture.


Creatify Agency took on the task of designing the new logo for Barrière. The team started by conducting research on current street wear branding and trends. They then developed several concepts and presented them to the client for feedback. After several rounds of revisions, the final logo was chosen.

The final logo design features a circle stylized name in the arc, representing the brand’s initial. The icon “B” in the middle was inspired by street wear culture. The team also added a unique color palette, which makes the logo more unique, recognizable.


The new logo was well-received by the client and their target audience. The clean and modern design effectively conveyed the brand’s message and aesthetic. The unique color palette helped to make the logo stand out in the highly competitive street wear market. The new logo has been implemented across all of Barrière’s marketing materials, including their website and social media channels.

Overall, the logo redesign project was a great success for Creatify Agency and Barrière. The new logo has helped to strengthen the brand’s identity and appeal to its target audience.